Mature machinima




While there is a lot of machinima created with Second Life and even a lot of pornographic SL pictures being published, strangely enough it doesn’t seem to be easy to find X-rated SL videos. Youtube obviously doesn’t allow hosting of these adult machinima and many porn sites only focus on RL porn. There already is a lot of CGI erotica out there, but why is it so hard to find explicite sex video’s with individually controlled avatars ? (CGI is not that).

However just as the avatar-porn-art stills production obviously has exploded the past year, I expect the same to happen with erotic and pornographic machinima the coming years.

New Flickr groups: “Machinima Erotica” + “Machinima Porn”

Since recently anybody can upload video’s at Flickr, and to encourage the creation new machinima erotica and pornography, I started this new Flickr groups: (members only)

“Machinima Erotica”

“Machinima Porn”

If you have links to other porn machinima (and I dont mean rendered CGI porn!) from virtual worlds, add those links in comments please!

Here is a short list of  rare hardcore sex machinima’s made inworld SL. So far most of them are about shemales sex, directed & produced by ‘Avatar Vendetta’.



UPDATE: In the comments of this post an interesting new video community site appeared:

9 Responses to “Mature machinima”

  1. I have some links I could post.


  2. I can’t add links in the comments! Please contact me.


  3. hey there, interesting website you got!

    I dont understand why you cannot add any links. If you put more then 2 links in a comment, I will have to approve them first, as spam protection. But I didnt get any in cue, so please give it another go!


  4. Xia’s Housewife 1 – A housewife is unsatisfied and betrayed then taken in by a sexy lesbian dominatrix and her slaves.–A-Lesbian-Domination-story


  5. Robot sex in Second Life and there are other more extreme videos

    Entrapment – P ornographic story


  6. Hmmm ok it works now! One more

    Exploring and having public sex in Bonetown

    We’re looking for more contributors from SL so please sign up and upload videos of your sexcapades in SL or other games!


  7. Hey great! Whats your name in SL? Please contact me.

    Please also post some sex machinima here:


  8. Xandra Jameson Says:

    That’s such an old video. Avatar won’t even talk to me anymore.



  9. Hi Xandra, what an honor, welcome to this blog! When was this video made? Where can we find more recent appearances of you?


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