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The Oldest Profession in the Newest Worlds

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Piotr Kopik is a multimedia artist based in Warsaw, Poland. His work encompasses installations and live performances, graphic art, animation and machinima, painting and drawing.

He is currently working on a RL/SL documentary investigating the use of avatars as prostitutes and escorts.

Although the full documentary is scheduled for release later in 2012, a trailer video is available for us to see what Piotr has in mind.


The documentary’s premise appears to be straightforward. Piotr, in a small non-human abstract-shaped avatar, films himself having voice sex with Second Life prostitutes. He then presents that footage to philosophers, sexologists, sociologists, writers, artists, professors and other experts for comment.

I think it is fair to say that although the commentators may well be experts in their own field, some are clearly quite naïve or unknowledgeable about Second Life. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, from a documentary point of view. However, the remarks by Grzegorz Kowalski (Visual Arts Professor) that “Avatars are asexual to me” and “No matter what you do, it will never be pornography” seem to me to be very wide of the mark. What do you think?

I noticed that some of the SL filming appears to be rather clumsy, with the camera crashing into and through avatars’ heads. If a machinima appeared on NaughtyMachinma or SLPORN containing such a basic filming error, it could quite rightly be open to criticism. I am thinking that perhaps we need to give the benefit of the doubt in this case and assume it to be a deliberate editorial technique designed to “break immersion” and therefore exaggerate and emphasis the avatar/real person relationship.

I think my biggest concern is the danger that Piotr and his pool of experts represent that class of people that I have elsewhere described as “being *in* Second Life, but not being *part* of Second Life”.

This attitude, which can be seen in many of the educationalists in SL, in the investigators and market researchers, in some artists and, indeed, even in some Linden Lab employees results in a definite disconnect between the person and their avatar; an “outsider” approach to Second Life.

I think Piotr’s documentary has the potential to be interesting and penetrating – but only if he can avoid treating the subject matter as an “observer/outsider” and actually immerse himself. If he doesn’t manage to do this then the danger is that his film will be just another muckraking lampoon of Second Life which us residents cannot and will not take seriously.

And this would be both a shame and a missed opportunity.

The jury is still out.

Pixie Rain 

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Zexpo 2010: Adult Entertainment Fair in SL

May 7-16:
Zindra Expo 2010, a week-long community event to promote and celebrate Zindra: the adult continent in Second Life.  The residents, business and organisations of Zindra have organized an exhibition area with vendors, events, play areas and more, on the sims of Distrel, Girenzi, Jaraded and Tramboyn.
Linden Lab‘s CEO Mark Kingdon visited Zexpo 2010 at Zindra with his avatar M Linden (far left) [Original image by  M Linden]

Adult Mentors Sign [Original image by shinkicker6]

At the Zexpo Welcome Center you can pick up a Guide notecard:

From the notecard: (􀁚 = a Landmark teleport in SL)
ZEXPO 2010 Ultimate Guide 2.0
MAY 7 -16 brought you by the residents, business and organisations of Zindra!
(Scroll Down to see the Full Events Schedule)
Advice: Join the Zindra Expo Group to get cool notices about events and more!
􀁃 (pick up your FREE ZEXPO GIFT BAG and sleeveless top!)
ZEXPO LIVE! Keep your music stream ON for our exclusive ZEXPO Radio Station!
VENDORS AREAS (3 Big Areas! Browse, Shop, Support the community!)
PLAY AREAS (each is unique: ALWAYS read/follow the rules of each place when you arrive)
A place to have fun for everyone …  be aware of all the RLV traps.
(Lose control and be transformed !)
(all men are bred as worshipers of Woman: 100% societal femdom)
(Dark Forest Play Area…..anything goes!)
(a ‘clothing optional’ adult club)
(where Mistress Vought and Domme friends rule over lowly slaves)
(fun rooms, prison, RLV friendly…..oh yes..traps too!)
Mentor Help: Mentors Gone Wild has 4 locations to help you..
MGW can help with: General SL issues, Zindra information, info about ZEXPO
CLASSES (we have a full education track!)  􀀞
Read About The Classes: 􀀀
ARTISTS AND GALLERIES (there are many throughout are a few…)
( Kyra Roxan created this year’s ‘Tunnel of Light’ for the show)
(there are many artists and galleries in this area….explore!)
1. Hedge Maze Treasure Hunt! (WIN PRIZES! follow the 􀀰) until you reach the Hedge Maze Game! (TOUCH each Icon as you see it for a fun surprise)
2. ZEXPO Secret Undersea Boot Hunt!
Press Area (next to 􀀱)
Get Naked? 􀀲
Get Naughty? 􀁢
FEEDBACK! (after the Expo, send any comments via notecard to Ginette Pinazzo)
􀀩 (each day features a different Jennnnna movie)
EVENT SCHEDULE (join the Zindra Expo Group to get notices! You;ll want them!)
11AM Salsa Trampledance at 􀁤
2PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁧
6PM KyrArt Gallery: presentation on Active Art 􀀽
7PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁨
9PM ErotiCafe Demonstration at 􀁜
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : And I Liked It 􀀨
12 Noon  Meet Mistress Vought: Q&A for slaves to meet the Mistress 􀁥
2PM ErotiCafe Demonstration at 􀁗
4PM Private Parts : Best in Naked AV 􀁩
6PM KyrArt Gallery: meet Kyra Roxan 􀀼
7PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁪
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : The Plumber- 􀀧
11AM Slave Kicking Party at 􀁖
12 Noon Mistress Vought Reads a Story!!! 􀁙
1PM BlazeCharm at the Center Stage
5PM CLASS:  in the Transexual discussion series: “Trans 101″􀀅
6PM KyrArt Gallery: Kyra Roxan Q&A􀀻
7PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁫
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Home Alone􀀦
1AM ErotiCafe Latenight Drinking Session w/  Bartender Beth Quander􀁀
10AM CLASS “21 Basic Rules for BDSM” (part 1 of 2)􀀇
11AM CLASS “Legal Rights for Transgenders.”􀀈
2PM  CLASS Live RP scene by the ROPE team 􀀜
6PM KyrArt Gallery: presentation on Active Art􀀺
7PM Hair Worship Party at 􀁕
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Jennnnna Loves Brocco􀀥
Midnight CLASS “Adult Content in SecondLife”􀀉
5AM LoveArt 􀀊
9AM CLASS “Transgender in the Prison System”􀀋
1130AM CLASS “How to avoid a D/s mismatch – intepreting signs early”􀀌
12 Noon Mistress Vought Slave Whipping and Face Slapping 􀀬
2PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁝
5PM CLASS “LGBT Lifestyle in Second Life”􀀍
6PM KyrArt Gallery: meet Kyra Roxan􀀹
7PM Club Ritz Cabaret Voice Escorts 􀁞
8PM Facesitting Party at 􀁔
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Jennnnna The Slut􀀤
1AM ErotiCafe Latenight Drinking Session w/ Bartender Beth Quander􀀿
10AM CLASS “21 Basic Rules for BDSM”􀀏
11AM CLASS “Intersexuality 101″􀀐
12 Noon Meet Jennnnna Jameson! (topic: ‘How To Be a SL Pornstar’)􀀎
1PM Slave Grovel and Emote Contest 􀁦
2PM Meet Abramelin Wolfe! (topic: ‘Growing a Successful Business in SL’) 􀀆
3PM CLASS “Kinkology”􀀑
5PM Freestar Tammas (XXXplicit stage)􀀸
6PM KyrArt Gallery: Kyra Roxan Q&A􀀷
7PM CLASS “High Traffic Sim Maintenance”􀀄
8PM ErotiCafe Demonstration at 􀁓
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Surprise! World Premiere!!!􀀣
10AM CLASS “Transgender in the Workplace”􀀒
11AM CBT Party at 􀁒
11AM BUILD CLASS: “Rave Ribbon” 􀀓
12 Noon CLASS Forceme Silverspar: ‘What part does your brain play in your BDSM life?’
130PM CLASS “What is Realism?”      􀀔
3PM CLASS “A Pony’s Life”􀀃
5PM CLASS “Griefers”􀀕
6PM KyrArt Gallery: presentation on Active Art􀀶
7PM Senjata Witt 􀁠
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Beautiful Ones􀀢
1AM ErotiCafe Latenight Drinking Session w/ Bartender Beth Quander􀀾
9AM CLASS “What Is Femdom in SecondLife” 􀁟
11AM Bootlicking Marathon at 􀁑
12 Noon CLASS “Transgender and the LGB community: Pariah or partner?”􀀖
1PM CLASS “Building Submissive Sancyuary”􀀁
2PM BUILD CLASS “Creating a Mermaid Avatar equipped with AO:􀀗
4PM DJ Srilania Svoboda 􀁡
6PM KyrArt Gallery: meet Kyra Roxan􀀵
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : The Valentine’s 􀀡
9AM Phiona 􀀂
10AM CLASS “Transgender issues in Politics”􀀘
11AM ErotiCafe Demonstration at 􀁐
4PM DJ Srilania Svoboda (themed event) 􀀙
4PM DJ Achron Timeless 􀁣
6PM KyrArt Gallery: Kyra Roxan Q&A􀀳
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : The Wild Orgy􀀠
9AM CLASS “Transfolk in SL”􀀚
11AM Trampledance at 􀁏
6PM CLASS “BDSM Book Reading and Discussion”􀀛
6PM KyrArt Gallery: presentation on Active Art􀀴
Today’s Movie (showing continuously) : Yacht Club􀀟
Official website:

Videogames: ‘Utterly barren of SEX’?

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The PC Gaming blog  Rock, Paper Shotgun published an Interesting article: (found via Blondin Linden in the SL Zindra Alliance Group)

“RPS In Second Life: An Orgasmic Bellowing”

Pay any attention to that irreverent, smiling spectre we call technology journalism and you’ll probably know two things about Second Life. ONE: That it’s very successful, and the millions of dollars it rakes in are shared with its dashing player entrepreneurs. TWO: That it’s full of sex.”

“The sex, all those animations, the sound packs full of squeaks and moans, the skanky clothes and variety of downloadable erections, they all exist to augment Second Life.”

Second Life’s sex trade doesn’t represent players creating pornography within the framework of the game. More often than not, it’s simply another part of socialising that players want to simulate. Players will meet, chat, romance one another over however many days or minutes, and then have sex.”

“it’s staggering the degree to which the games industry seems to be laughing these people off as a bunch of hilarious perverts. The money being spent on sex here is a grand shout out from the Second Life community, an orgasmic bellowing from the rooftops that shouldn’t be ignored. It says two things: One, many gamers are tremendously unafraid of virtual sex and/or virtual romance. Two, they’re willing to pay for it.”

“The West doesn’t shy away from romantic novels, sexy TV shows or porn movies, and Second Life is a naked statement that we have no problem with digital eroticism. So why are we being trounced on the erotic videogame front?

In 15 years the idea that the Western videogames industry was once utterly barren of sex games will be a mad thought.

Read the entire article with many interesting comments:

Untitled snapshot, originally uploaded by ~•♥ klara ♥•~, January 31, 2010, taken in the virtual world Second Life

Still relevant to this topic, an article by Vint Valken from november 2008:

Doing Pixel Boom Boom – not limited to SL?

“I’m sure ‘pixel boom boom’ – an euphemism for ‘3D virtual sex’ or whomever you wish to call it – happens in other Virtual Worlds and MMORPG’s too. Yet, Second Life gets always targeted by the RL press. Of course, you have ‘dedicated’ virtual worlds such as the Red Light Center, but I wonder, do World of Warcraft, the Sims, Entropia Universe, … avatars have a sex life too? And all the necessary bits & pieces to make ‘virtual intercourse’ a true ‘immersive experience’? :D”

Read the full article with many relevant comments:

IMVU Orgy, originally uploaded by Shara Rile, October 17, 2008, taken in the virtual world IMVU

Please share your links on this topic in the comments

“Stimulating Conversations”

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Stimulating Conversations, originally uploaded by siҲҲ™.

Zindra: ‘Adults’ only

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Due to the “Adult Content Project”, many places you enjoy are being forced to move to the new continent of Zindra. In order to access Zindra you must verify through either Payment Info on file or through an Age verification process. To find out how to verify, you may click this sign to take you to the web-page, detailing this process

Jilliane Sideways & Dorothy Urvilan flashed their boobs for this snapshot at the CumFor’t Zone (Suck Slaves Hall)

Did you already know about these changes in Second Life? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts!

Snapshot by eisie_etchegaray

Sexand Life . Net

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The blog has been a succesfull pilot experiment so far. Now there is an improved URL: www.SexandLife.NET!


Porn-art festival ends with Global Voice Orgy and visit by His Rezzin’ Highness

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The Pornosophy Closing Party is over and what a succesfull groundbreaking art show the Pornosophy Freak Showroom was! Also it could not have ended any better then it did, with a surprise visit from V.I.A. (Very Important Avatar), Philip Linden himself!


We tweeted a selection of local chat quotes from the final hours of the Pornosophy Closing Party. Please check it out @ (with event staff permission. In case you see yourself rather not published this way on the web, we will delete it of course)



The most hawt action was not logged at all, but was going on in the voicechat channels! A truly international kinky crowd, with all kinds of exotic accents, were having a real fun Celebration of Cybersex with ‘dirty talk’ on their mic’s! While their avatars were  going wild on the dancefloor at the live DJ tunes. (and in some secret corners of the carnival ground…)



A historically even more significant text has just been published by Jacopo Perentias well as by  Chianera Cioc: An unedited chatlog about Sex, Drugs ‘n’ Art with no other then the Visionary Viceroy of Virtual worlds: Philip Linden! A.k.a the founder of the revolutionary free metaverse Second Life (  and Linden Lab former CEO: Philip “I’m-not-building-a-game.-I’m-building-a-new-continent.”Rosedale,

[21:40] Chianera Cioc: OMG
[21:40] Chianera Cioc: you are the real Philip Linden!

[21:41] Philip Linden: thats me.

Screenshots by Loglady Loon (View LARGE)



Philip Linden arrived totally unexpected over an hour after the closure of the Pornosophy Freak Show. Fortunately the Italian Freak Showroom event organisers Loglady Loon, Jacopo Perenti and some of their staff were still online. Even though it was around 06:30 am in Italy when Philip rezzed on the ModaSL sim. They must have been exhausted after this people packed party night and these two nervwrecking weeks full of much work, excitement and controversy for the ModaSL staff! Some sponsors pulled out of the art show for ”vulgarity” arguments reasons, Chianera Cioc got banned from SL for a dayJacopo Perenti even got complete ban from  SL for more days during the exibition!

The Pornosophy Freakshow hosts kindly offered Philip an exclusive V.I.A. -tour around the closed porn-art exhibit fairground. Luckily all the amazing pornographic artworks were not de-rezzed yet!

Now the exhibition is over, all the works will also be published on the web, you can probably find them gradually and



UPDATE! Also please read this interesting review by Bunny Brickworks at The Alphaville Herald:

Pornosophy and Philip Linden – The Renaissance of Porn Part 2


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