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Sexand Life favs @Manifestations_ expo – @DutchDesignWeek #DDW18

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selection by Sexand Life of ‘Social-Erotic-Art‘ found on photo sharing site Flickr is presented at the ‘Future of Sexuality‘ section of the ‘Manifestations‘ exhibition.

Social-Erotic-Art‘: Soft or hard pornographic images which are the result of (collaborative) creative sexual freedom in virtual worlds and games. A possible glimpse of what will happen in the future with ‘Social-VR’ and ‘Social-AR’ media? In the year 2018 this phenomenon is still dominated by Second Life users & creators. And Flickr still seems to be the most popular social sharing platform for this kind of kinky computer generated art. Because online platforms like for instance Facebook and Instagram don’t allow posting of nudity, let alone explicit sexual & pornographic images. Flickr does.

Will The Future Design Us‘ is the main theme of the Manifestations expo. This unique non-profit event is organized by ViolaVirus – Art & Technology Foundation at floors 8 + 9 of the Veem building.  One of many locations of the international ‘Dutch Design Week‘ festival in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Free entrance! Open daily 11:00-18:00 till sunday October 28th 2018.



View the art & artists of the Sexand Life favorites here:

This favs collection plays at Manifestations as a Flickr slideshow. Log in with a (free) Flickr account. To be sure to see the sexually explicit content as well, check your Flickr content filters like this:


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